Inspired Live: An orangutan love story

September 28, 2017

Inspired Live: An orangutan love story

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The Orangutan Project founder Leif Cocks will share the story of his life quest to save the orangutan from extinction. After falling in love with orangutans as a keeper at Perth Zoo, Leif went on to found The Orangutan Project. His battle to save these endearing creatures has plunged him to the depths of despair as he has borne witness to the atrocities orangutans face. But it has also filled him with awe and delight for a creature with an enormous capacity for love. This is a story of loss, hope and, ultimately, love.

You will leave with the latest information on how we can save these amazing creatures by making small shifts in our everyday lives. Get informed, be inspired and make a difference.

For more information on Leif, read his Inspired story here.

$10 of every ticket sold goes directly to The Orangutan Project. Profits from drinks sales also go to The Orangutan Project.

What's  Inspired Live?

Inspired Live features intimate conversations with inspiring people in front of a live audience. Within a one-hour Inspired Live event, participants learn the journeys inspiring people have travelled to become a world-changer. Whether it’s working to overcome poverty, fighting child trafficking, empowering disadvantaged women, encouraging people to be their best selves or saving elephants, Inspired Live interviewees will share the triumphs and the challenges of their journeys, and provide advice on how we too can step up to make a difference. People leave Inspired Live events bursting with enthusiasm for creating positive change.

What's included?

A 20-minute presentation, followed by an interview, public question time, and mingling with a can-do, like-minded crowd. Drinks available by donation. $10 of every ticket sold goes directly to charity, as do profits from drink sales.

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